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September 11-17 2015, Our Homeschool Weekly Report, days 4-8

days 4-8

We have been battling colds, coughs and bronchitis this week. Despite all of that, we managed to get some work done.

We started our co-op classes this week. This semester I am teaching two classes, Crime Scene Investigation and Drama in which we are rehearsing the play we will be performing in May. Quentin and James are in both classes and Katie is in the play as well.

Quentin also started his voice lessons this week and loved it. They mainly worked on his breath.

The boys picked up where they left off last year in their English studies, with The Logic of English.

Quentin (6th grade) worked on geometry concepts in math this week. We reviewed and identified points, rays, lines, line segments, angles, and planes. We used a map of the neighborhood (although the student making his own map would have been a good project as well) to review intersecting lines, parallel lines and perpendicular lines. He had to describe the relationships between the streets using the terms parallel, perpendicular, and intersect as well as compass directions.We reviewed acute, obtuse and right angles and the terms related to them: vertex, degrees, straight angle. We talked about the different types of triangles. We discussed quadrilaterals and their names. He used a ruler and compass to draw triangles, quadrilaterals and congruent figures. We measured the angles in a triangle and saw that it totaled 180 degrees. He then measured the angles in a quadrilateral and saw that it equaled 360 degrees. 

James' (8th grade) algebra lesson (TT, lesson 2) was on the purpose of algebra.

Sam worked on "Simplifying First" (TT, Algebra II).

For history, we are still learning about the Incans, focusing on the Barter society's social structure, the High Inca and other nobles.

We are reading The King's Fifth by Scott O'Dell and The World of Columbus and Sons by Genevieve Foster.

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  1. I hope you all are well soon. The crime scene class sounds so cool.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I'm not a huge co-op type - but if we lived closer, I'd want the kids in your drama class for sure!

  3. Your picture reminds me I need to dig up the other mystery from the mystery festival.

  4. Oh, no! Sorry to hear you all have been sick. Such an early start to illness! I hope you all are feeling better after the weekend. Sounds like you're teaching some interesting classes!

  5. Oh, can I come to your Crime Scene Investigation Class?! I do hope you will post more about what you do for that - I'd be very interested and maybe I could replicate it for my five.
    I hope you all feel better soonxx

  6. Hope the colds will go away. Logic of English sounds intriguing, does English really have logic? ;)


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